This Offer is an official offer of a freelancer of (Sergeu Ragulin) ( in relation to the provision of services by the site and expresses to lay out the Offer Agreement for the provision of services of the site on the terms of this Offer.

For the purposes of this Offer, the following terms are used in the following meaning: Offer - this document, " Service Offer", published on the Internet at: Publication - placing a document in the public domain on the Internet at the address specified in the Offer. - a professional resource for buying videos as a private link to a specific type of work. Services, - services of for the use of certain services by the User on the Internet in accordance with the terms of the Offer. Acceptance of the Offer - full and unconditional acceptance of the Offer through the implementation of actions,
Offers. Acceptance of the Offer creates the Offer Agreement. User - the person who made the Acceptance of the Offer. The User is a Customer who, after payment, wants to receive a private link with data in the form of a video in the format under the concluded Offer Agreement. Offer Agreement - an agreement between the User and for the provision of Services in relation to certain services, which are concluded through the Acceptance of the Offer. Services and services in respect of which the Offer Agreement is concluded is an integral part of the Offer Agreement. Account - a user account on the site, which is personal and does not require payment and is created for the convenience of the user.payment is made only for a specific post on the site after clicking the buy button and going to the purchase options.

A prerequisite for the provision of services in accordance with the Offer is the acceptance, observance and application to the relations of the parties under the Offer Agreement of the requirements and provisions specified in the "User Agreement" document posted on the Internet at: 3.2. Services are provided only for Users 2.2 for which the possibility of using services is confirmed according to according to the criterion of formal compliance of services with a specific User account. Your personal profile on the site does not affect your desire to buy private links that lead to videos. After payment, a person receives a video link inside which there is a video file corresponding to the description of the post in which the link to purchase the video was clicked. The user can return money because it has already gained access to restricted content. But the site creator can give the dissatisfied user additional private content, as well as resolve the issue with the user directly through feedback on the site (feedback on the site is at the top of the site header after the buttons leading to social networks that are connected with this site.The provision of services is considered fully completed after the purchase and receipt of the link to customers.if the client could not get the link, he can use the social networks of the site or feedback on the site to return the money or get the link directly. to prove that you have paid, you need to send a photo (screenshot) where nothing happened after payment or the link was not given or it could not be opened. most often I solve the problem and as a bonus completely voluntarily as the owner of the site I give clients additional content (private) and also the one that they could not get. receiving content if it did not automatically provide you with a link is possible only if you provided a payment receipt and it was displayed in my personal account of the site through which you paid (payment system) all payments are displayed in my personal accounts and I see who and when made the payment and what product. apart from my site, you can write to those support of the site from which you made the payment. a professional website aimed at simplifying the receipt of goods or everything related to online shopping.

2.1 in respect of which the User has accepted the Offer;
2.2.1 fully paid by the User on the terms of advance payment ("prepayment"), which is the entire amount.

3.3. Services are provided to the User in relation to the provision of a standard link for the site, which is immediately given after payment.

2.2.1.Access to the purchased link that leads to a private video is provided after the purchase and water details and payment confirmation.

3.3.2. All services provided give the user the opportunity to go to a private link to view the content or its private use. And agrees not to transfer the content link or video within the content to others

A prerequisite for the provision of / services in accordance with the Offer is the acceptance, observance and application to the relations of the parties under the Offer Agreement of the requirements and provisions specified in the "User Agreement" document, as well as the copyright agreement placed in the menu of the site
3.2 on our site we do not provide a service directly physical or any other than that specified in this agreement. We only provide you with information about purchasing a link to our content and understand that after paying using our site you would like to receive (a link with a video file ) we are ready to give it to you after the payment that you make using the payment system of your choice! on the site itself or in private conversations, we do not sell or give any links and do not require payment.
3.3 payment is made 1 time for 1 link (which leads to a private book)
3.3.2 in respect of which the User has accepted the Offer; fully paid by the User on a prepaid basis (the specified payment is in each post inside the buy button and on the main page of the section where videos are sold! under each book
3.3.3 The user does not have the right to send or give the received link. if the link is sent, we will see the new user and we will be able to find out directly from him how he received the link to the book! if during the conversation he informs us that he did not purchase it from us, then we will resolve the issues ourselves according to the law of the country and copyright! we also have the right to remove a user who distributes our content in case of detection.

4. OBLIGATIONS OF THE USER The User undertakes:

4.1. Independently choose the necessary services and services, using the relevant information on the website
4.1. When using the services provided by the right to purchase (links leading to the video clip), comply with all clauses of the document "User Agreement" and the terms of use of services and services .. Pay for services and services under the Offer Agreement within the specified time. individual product (and the product is a link to a video file)
4.2. The user understands and undertakes to respect all the rights of the site and the fact that he receives video content only for personal viewing

. Services are considered paid by the User from the moment (website administrator) receives confirmation from the bank that the entire amount of payment has been received on the settlement account. confirmation of the fact of payment can be: a) a facsimile copy of the payment order in case of non-cash payment; b) verification by electronic payment systems of the fact of payment in favor of in the event that the User makes an electronic payment.
4.3 The user is obliged to keep the receipt after payment and if there are any problems, provide it to us!

. During the term of the Offer Agreement, he will make every effort to eliminate any failures and errors, if they occur during the provision of services to the User, as soon as possible. At the same time, does not guarantee the absence of errors and failures when using services and services.

5.2. With the exception of failures not related to us and our resources, all payment systems with which you can pay for receiving links are verified and have a reputation for reliable payment systems. they undertake to keep confidential your personal data that you enter when paying and all your details.

Termination of the offer is not possible since the user voluntarily bought the link and may only have problems with obtaining them and other claims (for the quality of the content, the inability to open the content, loss of sound or video series).
6.2 in this case, there is feedback on the site, write to us and we will help you solve the problem and assure you that you will get a good mood and we will not upset you and give you content and a gift and apologize if you do not receive content due to a failure or get damaged content! The offer does not change on the site and will not be changed.

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