Cancellation and refund policy (mandatory under VISA and MC rules);
There is no current return of content on our site, but you can always contact the administrator and resolve issues!
1) buying content after payment and receiving a link, you no longer wash it back! we made this decision because after receiving the content, you go to the closed telegram page and there you can leave a review about a particular book!
2) if something does not suit you, we can always agree with you and find a compromise! for example, I can give you some more content for free or manually return part of the funds!
3) We are not a risk content and you buy what you have read all the books and video file you received in advance according to the product description and screenshots!
4) we have no right to take away your content or restrict it! all users who buy a certain link to content will find themselves in the same closed telegram and will be able to leave feedback specifically about the purchased file! Also on the site there are comments that are open for each post.
5) on behalf of the site, I confirm that the content that we have on the site is only for informational purposes and you yourself decide on the purchase, all previews and photos correspond to the content